Discovered by the fusion of fire and clay, two ordinary elements of nature, benefits of fired ceramics were discovered some 10,000 years ago in the Middle East. The story of its evolution goes hand in hand with subsequent architectural developments through the ages, from the beautifully tiled surfaces in the ancient pyramids, to the magnificent courts of Babylonian cities, use of ceramic tiles was inspired by the desire to create the most beautiful, durable spaces.

Decorative tile work has its origins in the Middle East and Persia, where it maintained wider popularity and assumed greater variety in design than anywhere else in the world. With distinctly varied styles, Persian and Moroccan tile industries flourished and attained perfection during the Islamic period. Due to its emphasis on non representational design, Islamic designers and artisans found tile work a suitable medium to decorate their buildings with, so much so, that rich surface decorations became a hallmark of Islamic architecture and design.

Advent of Islam in the Sub-continent led to a fusion of culture, arts and architecture. Sind and Multan became centers of tile production to satisfy the architectural boom, which ensued the Muslim conquest of India. Kahshigars(tile makers) from Persia to Andulus collaborated with local craftsmen and produced a rich blend of decorative tile work known as “blue tiles”, which are being produced even today in parts of Multan and Sind in Pakistan.


Qyas tiles are the only company in Pakistan to have developed a sustainable frame-work for the large scale production of hand crafted tile mosaics. Established centuries ago, conventional means of producing handmade tile mosaics are laborious, expensive and therefore incompatible with the norms of modern production and design.

Qyas Tiles seeks to harness conventional knowledge to forge a product, which is not only representative of its glorious heritage but has the capacity to remain relevant in the world of contemporary arts. A carefully developed process of controlled mechanization ensures production lines maintain high efficiency and precision, which is detrimental to the long term viability of these tile mosaics.

Since 2004, our product range has grown to being one of the most extensive in the country, with over 50 designs to choose from, we provide design solutions for your walls, floors, bath rooms, kitchens, swimming pools, water features etc. We pride ourselves in using only the finest materials to provide our customers a product which is designed to last a lifetime.